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Celtic Knot is a small law firm. We specialise in the law relating to the practice of social work, and benefits law. We act for service users, claimants and social workers. We also provide training. We are a virtual business. We pride ourselves on ethical and sustainable practice. This wordle of our tweets gives you a flavour of what we are about.

Solicitors and Social Workers

We say this because we are solicitors and social workers! That means we have a specialist understanding of both professions. We think this helps where you need a social worker who understands the law, or a lawyer who understands social work.

A virtual business

We make use of new technologies. We have inkpens, legal textbooks and pink ribbon like most law firms. But day-to-day we use texting, twitter and skype, your faxes and telephone messages arrive in our inbox, and we can access your file from anywhere. Even, sometimes, from a camper van!

Ethical and sustainable practice

We aim to deliver our services in ways that demonstrate respect for human rights and justice, minimise our ecological footprint, and draw on the high professional standards of both professions.

We are part of “the little green community in the big city” hosted by Birmingham Friends of the Earth.

Although we do not offer legal aid, our rates start from legal aid rates, depending on your financial circumstances. We use a system of capped fees so you are not surprised by how much we have done.

Our correspondence address is Celtic Knot, The Warehouse, 54-57 Allison Street, Birmingham B5 5TH. You can write to us and send us documents at our correspondence address in the usual way, but to save trees here are some alternatives:

  • Email to celtic-knot@phonecoop.coop. You can send attachments up to 10MB in size.
  • Fax to 0121 285 8687. We will receive an image file of what you fax us, and you will have saved on photocopying
  • Use our web contact form, if you are online, but do not have easy access to email facilities.
  • Use the Federation of Small Business’ web contact form. (This comes straight back to us at Celtic Knot)
  • Send messages or files via SkypeTM ( www.skype.com) to celtic-knot

…by phone

Our telephone number is 0121 286 8785. We are too small for a dedicated receptionist, and we try to answer your calls personally. You can pretend our telephone is a conventional phone if you like, and use it in the usual way, but because it actually uses VoIP (voice over internet protocol), here are some alternatives:

  • Install SkypeTM on your computer and call us for free.
  • If you are invited to leave us a message, this can be accessed from any computer and some mobile phones – we don’t need to wait until we get back to the office to retrieve messages!
  • We can arrange conference calls with several people at once.
  • If you cannot get through for any reason, we also have a voicemail only number 0121 314 2006. Voicemail messages are immediately forwarded to us electronically.
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